Over discussions with your friends during a break from your finance classes, you would have certainly heard it being said that M&A is now out of fashion as a sector of choice, increasingly superceded by start-ups. Lazard, Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan, as the line of thought goes, will soon be replaced by Criteo, Deezer or Vente Privée as the employer of choice. Yet, if it is true that France is becoming a country more and more hospitable to start-ups (consider Macron’s aspiration for the country to become a “start-up nation”, the M&A sector still has many happy years ahead of it.

We present to you here 3 reasons why you should begin your career in M&A.

M&A is a sector like no other

You like to differentiate yourself from others. M&A is perfect for you. You work on the most significant financial transactions. Your interlocuters are the CEO or CFO of major corporations. The deals you work on are written about in Les Echos or the Financial Times. Above all, you develop rapidly skills that you carry with you throughout your career, in finance or others. Rigour in all that you do, a capacity for hardwork, resistance to pressure are just a few of the qualities that you develop as a a junior banker.

M&A is a gateway to greater things

A job in M&A is often regarded as prestigious. Being able to write on your CV that you began your career in M&A is an excellent indicator of excellence for your future interlocuters (whether they be recruiters, investors or advisors). Certain bankers are indeed recruited by their clients following a successful transaction. And indeed, working in M&A enables you to develop an network with bankers working in Lazard, Rothschild, Morgan Stanley – invaluable for the next step in your career. The French president Macron was a former banker at Rothschild!

M&A provides a stimulating work environment

Everyone wishes to work in a team that is tightly-knit, demanding and known for their extraordinary qualities. The intense workload and long hours in M&A often create a sense of camaraderie between members that is hard to replicate in another context. Certainly, M&A reduces your social life outside of the office, but you can get a rewarding social life in the office with your colleagues.

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