Preparation for interviews in M&A and Corporate Finance

Training You offers premium coaching programmes enabling candidates to secure their dream internships in M&A and Corporate Finance

The programmes have been developed based on our experience as candidates and former analysts at Lazard. They are available as MOOCs or in-person training programmes.

We have helped students secure internships at some of the most prestigious banks in the sector (Lazard, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, Messier & Maris, Barclays, etc.)

Online courses

Comprehensive preparation for interviews in M&A and Corporate Finance
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In-person coaching

Customised preparation for interviews in M&A and Corporate Finance
With individualised mentoring

Online courses

Online interview preparation

Online courses

Sign up on the Training You platform, comprising more than 15 MOOCs, to optimise your applications, prepare for your interviews and acquire operational competencies in Excel and Powerpoint

Our packs are available from €24.99 per month

In-person courses

preparation for M&A interviews

Coaching pack

Training You offers an intensive 5-week bootcamp preparing you for success in your M&A interviews. The methodology is one of blended learning – where you benefit from a personalised mentoring – with a weekly session – as well as access to our online courses

✔ Access to +15 MOOCs on the Training You platform with the Pack Classique enabling you to learn anytime anywhere

✔ 1 personalised session every week to guide you through each step of your application/recruitment process (networking, CV and cover letter, interview questions, etc.)

✔ 1 mock interview, to simulate actual interview conditions

Sign up now. We keep places limited to ensure the quality of our accompaniment.

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Customised preparation for M&A interviews

Interview pack

Called up for an interview in M&A/Corporate Finance and seeking to practise with sector professionals?

Schedue 3 mock interviews with our team, comprising former bankers, to sharpen your interview skills and enter your interviews in tip-top condition.